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Case Study 6 – Coaching & Mentoring

Client: Senior Partner, Legal Sector

In 2010 Damian Gaskin, Managing Director of the Forum Partnership, was engaged by the Senior Partner of a major law firm to support the client through preparation and delivery of the Partner’s annual address.


Damian coached the Senior Partner over 3 sessions in which they looked together at the core message of the address and its presentation. They focused specifically on the use of story and connecting with the audience by looking at the individual passions the senior management team had for the business.


The best way to describe the outcome is through the feedback Damian received, both from the Senior Partner and from his team:


“I thought you’d like to hear a little bit more about my session. I felt good, clear, not nervous, not a note in sight. Afterwards, before any feedback from others, I felt it had been good, delivered very well, but not extraordinary. (But) the feedback … was great:


Terrific. I thought it’d be good, but you were so much better than that.
Really excellent.
Absolutely brilliant.
A different man; fantastic; real.
Very classy.
Truly inspirational.
I was losing the faith but we got the whole deal today.
The best thing I’ve ever seen you do.
Inspirational; the best speech I’ve ever heard from a law firm leader, and I hear about one a week; you are very lucky to have the leadership you have.


We blew something open, released some real energy (and) got clarity, confidence, excitement. Thank you, Damian – I couldn’t have achieved that without your work with me. It’s made a real difference.”



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