Practice Makes Profit


Our consultancy is built on the unique skill set of our consultants, extensive experience across business sectors and a highly successful track record in delivering immediate and effective results.


We involve you in a series of stimulating workshops. Our service:


•    identifies negative patterns of behaviour
•    explores ways of changing and developing new collaborative approaches
•    embeds these effectively in staff and management


Our unique offering is based on experiential learning. It is delivered by actors immersed in business and business people with superb acting credentials. We listen, quickly identify the core of the problem, explore it and then guide you towards an internally generated solution.

This sets us apart from the conventional consultancy process of data gathering, analysis, report and action plan. You and your people participate, direct and provide ongoing input and feedback. We arrive at solutions through working together so there is instant understanding and buy-in. As well as encouraging teamwork, solutions are embedded in participants’ behaviours there and then.


No two organisations are the same and we tailor every service to your needs.


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Transformational Conversations

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Personal Presence – Staying Ahead


Coaching & Mentoring

Forum Theatre Presentation & Communication Workshops

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